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Consultations, Deposits, and Specials





Our one-on-one consultations are a service that is essentials in assessing your hair and scalp needs, your desires and goals for your hair. Our Expert Consultations are highly recommended for those who are:

  • New clients

  • Existing clients who want to consider changing their look

  • Those who are new to natural hair                                                                                                                                                                                      


     This is to ensure that we are all on one accord with the direction we are taking your tresses for styling, and the over all health of you scalp and tresses.




 Deposits are  REQUIRED for ALL APPOINTMENTS and are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is ensure the time set for you appointment is kept by both you and the stylist. If you are unable to make your appointment your deposit will  roll over ONE TIME ONLY, after that your deposit will be lost and another deposit will be required to ensure another appointment date and time.  NO CALL, NO SHOWS deposits are automatically lost.



  If you are agreeing to any of the specials and their terms, and are unable to fullfill the guidelines of the terms, you forfeit your special, and looses all left over funds. You will be REQUIRED to start the special all over. SPECIALS CAN NOT BE MIXED AND ADDED TOGETHER. YOU CAN ONLY USE 1 SPECIAL AT A TIME. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. THESE ARE ALL STARTING PRICE. PRICES CAN VERY ACCORDING TO “HAIR VARIABLES”.                                              


Mobile Services: 


  Mobile services are provided if desired. Deposit for mobile services are $20. There is an service charge added to all services. $30 outside the perimeter and $20 inside the perimeter. I will bring all things needed for services such as product, dryer, emplements, etc. You will have to provide towels, adequate space, and set up, such as  sink, chair, table and or bar. 



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