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TheFullMonti Naturals specializes in caring for all types of hair in its various stages. Whether you sport a low cut, wear a weave, a natural style or are transitioning to natural, we offer expert consultations and recommendations for your hair care and styling needs.


TheFullMonti Naturals have been making making our clients feel and look special for their special days, from prom, homecoming, and weddings to just name few. So hire us for your next special event. 



We specialize in:


  • Hair and scalp assessment

  • Deep conditioning treatments for hair and scalp

  • Deep cleansing treatments

  • Cuts and Trims

  • Barber Services

  • Twists

  • Braids with and without extensions

  • Hair Growth and Thickening

  • Healthy Transitioning from relaxer to natural

  • Locs

  • Textured weaves

  • Protective styling

  • Undetectable coverage for thinning areas

  • Safely coloring natural hair

  • Custom oils made for per scalp condition




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