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Take Downs and Hair Prep


   If you require your previous style to be removed PLEASE let us know when making your appointment. This service requires more time for your appointment and therefore additional fees. If we are not informed ahead of time we may not have enough time to accommodate you in the schedule on your appointed day. This could result in a cancellation fee.


    Please be realistic about your needs when booking your appointment. If your previous hairstyle needs to be taken down or your hair is not fully combed out,we may have to reschedule your appointment; if are able to fit you in for a “Take out and or Comb Out service there is a charge per hour for these services. Please be aware you are NOT allowed to remove your own braids, twists or weave on the premises of TheFullMonti Naturals. If you prefer to remove your own braids, twist or weave, it must be done prior to arriving to the salon.


When getting a "Dry Style", shampoo and prep (shampoo,condition, hot oil/scalp treatment, and blow dry)  is NOT REQUIRED, these services are considered to be alacart therefore an extra charge will be requred. It is recommended when going into a long term style that your tresses and scalp is in the best condition, therefore we do recommend shampoo prep before.

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