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Client Testimonials



   "Being a person who simply dislikes having to deal with my hair, but simultaneously desiring a "fly" look, I have had very low maintenance hair styles, hence,  The Afro, braids and now natural twist. Since Monti has been my stylist (3 years),  not only is my hair style, super  sharp, low maintenance, my hair is in better condition and healthier than it has been in years!  My edges (traditionally thin), length, and  thickness have increased tremendously. I constantly receive compliments (I love your hair!; who did your hair?; where did you get your hair done?) on my hair (even when I think it needs to be redone!). I  readily refer to Monti for  not only his "real deal skills and knowledge"  but authenticity in desiring a satisfied customer!  Appreciate you  Monti!"


Take care and be good,




    "I have been a client of Monti's since 2011. He is by far, the best natural haircare stylist I ever had or met. He treats his clients like they are the only one he cares about. He really has a knack for making us feel special. Above and beyond his great customer service, he has 'mad' skills; his hands are like magic. If he is washing your hair, beware....You will not want him to stop - It feels just that good, refreshing and relaxing. He knows how to scratch even those itches you did not know you had. Trust me - I am not joking when I say that if you are in need of a natural haircare stylist, Monti is your best bet. He will give you superb treatment on top of a good-looking style that will last.....You just can't go wrong with Monti. He knows his stuff - He is THE best!"


Thank you.

Nora "L "



   " Monti has been my hair stylist for the last 6 years.  Lifestyle needs and hair health are at the top of his list for each and every client. His creativity with my hair styles and looks is unsurpassed. I get compliments every day about my hair and that makes me feel very special. Monti recently prepared me for a photo shoot and my finished looks were extraordinary. Monti is one of the best in the business, he is  gifted and we all benefit from his talents.  I have been a loyal customer for six years and will be for  many more years to come, Monti is in one word,  Amazing! " 


Debra Gibson-Welch 

Atlanta, GA 



   "I have been a client of Monti's from day one; since June of 06. I was actually his first paying client. I had been searching high and low for the REAL DEAL, but my luck was running out. My brother, also mutual friend, put me on to Monti and it's been up hill ever since. My locs grew so long in such a short length of time. I've considered myself a walking billboard and my locs are a canvas of art for the Full Monti Natural Hair Care. Not only is Monti an amazing loctician, but he's also a wonderful friend for life."

Jay B.



    "I've always loved natural hair. I was so excited when I relocated to Atlanta some time ago. I knew one of the perks would be better access to all things natural. Landing the right natural hair care professional  took more time than I thought it   would, however. I tried many natural hair care professionals, and while I could only recall one "horror" story, they just weren't the right one. Everything changed when I sat in Monte's chair. I was immediately impressed by his professionalism. HIs insistence on healthy natural hair and premium products allowed me to trust his advice. His services are budget friendly and his hours are convenient. Monte has been taking care of my hair since at least 2007 and I intend to follow him where ever he goes!"


Jacquetta Morton




  "My name is Lashay Crawford and I met Monti about 7yrs. ago when I was truly undecided about what to do with my hair. He has showed not only me, but friends and family various ways of taking care of our hair naturally. My hair is the healthiest it's ever been!!!!!!!! Long, thick, and full just like I want it: ):) He is passionate about natural hair and I'm delighted."


 Sha Crawford



  "Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE my stylist and my locs.


Monti has been my stylist / loctician / consultant for several years now. His customized elixir

does wonders for my hair. I've tried several over-the-counter products but none compares to his elixir.

 It conditions and moisturizes like no other product.


Monti not only treats my locs but ensures that I am knowledgeable on how to care for them.

He always takes care to style my locs in a way befitting my age and personality.

I always receive comments on how healthy and beautiful my locs are and of course, I refer them to

Monti. "



Ginger Jackson



  "Monti started me on my loc’d journey six years ago when he did loc extensions for me.  I have been in love with my locs and with Monti since that time.  He always takes great care with my hair and he totally understand me and my hair needs.  Although he pushes me to try new styles and venture outside my comfort zone, he always gives me styles that are classy, yet stylish and fit in with my corporate environment.  My co-workers and friends are always asking about my stylist and I have absolutely no problem recommending him to anyone."


Shaunya Ismael



Monti is one of the top natural hair stylist in the Atlanta Metropolitan. He has been my stylist for about 6 years, he is actually the one who introduced me to interlocks. If it wasn't for him interlocking my hair, I seriously doubt that I would still even be wearing locks. Palm rolling my locks just wasn't lasting long enough for my lifestyle. I'm a very active person and palm rolled locks tend to come loose easily and friz up alot quicker. It was too much effort to keep palm rolled locks up to my standards. My locks have to look professional, manicured, clean, and fresh. Interlocks changed the whole game for me. Once your hair is interlocked, they locked in, no coming loose or getting frizzy. Your interlocks are permanent and you good to go until you get new growth. You ready to step ya lock game up?? Halla at my boy Monti, he'll set you up for an appointment ASAP and at your convenience.


Satisfied Customer Al Sullivan, a hard working, active lifestyle, husband, father of 2 boys, Christian, family man.



  Where do I start with this AMAZING MAN! 
    Monti is heaven sent, he has helped me embrace my natural hair, always keeps me fresh and new for my photo shoots and or performances. He's my lifesaver, who always has my back. He is a color guru and every color we explore comes alive on my head, I would personally recommend him to everyone looking for someone who cares about maintaining healthy hair. I am grateful to have him apart of my team, and I guess I'm willing to share him with the world. Lol
The world needs the full Monti!


Butta B Rocka Artust


"Monti has been a great stylist for me over the last 5 years! He has done everything from twists in my hair, starting and growing my locs and now maintaining my locs for last 3 years. His professionalism, excellent technique and attention to detail has always been great appreciated."


- Joel Dixon


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